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Riko and Whaler Collective

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Psychedelic Rock, Experimental Music and Art Collective



The Riko and Whaler Collective (RWC) is a band originally from West Chester, PA. RWC prides itself on delivering exciting, high energy performances that entices its audience to become immersed in the melody and groove. Riko and Whaler has gained a following at live shows due to each show being a completely unique experience, with songs taking on energizied and fresh improvisational takes at each performance.  RWC blends many genres together such as Jam Band, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz, Funk, and Hard Rock to appeal to music and art appreciators of all sorts. The set lists vary from show to show but often include free flowing and electric improvisational pieces, original songs, and unique covers of bands such as The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, and many more. Shows often get super psychedelic and spacey as well as funky and groovy, it all depends on the show, the vibe, and the audience. Catch a live show or two and get on the wavelength!

The Riko and Whaler Collective, while being a musical performance group is also an experimental and expansive art collective that connects and promotes artists, creators, and brings creative minds together in order to support and collaborate with each other. It has always been an "if you want in, you are in" approach. Contact us today if you would like to join the team!


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Image by Scott Evans

Featured Content

RWC Performing
Kings Beach 1968
(Dicks Picks Vol 22)
Grateful Dead
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